The main factors determining our work are functionality in respect of the final use of the building, a marking design, regarding the architectural and historical surrounding, as well as a high quality execution with regard to ecology and energy-saving, always in respect to financial reasoning. Our Office plans and realizes buildings of all kinds, still with the main emphasis on public administration buildings and housing construction, management buildings as well as public buildings. Further emphasis is on open parks, communal urban development, including infrastructural solutions such as bridges and public transportation, and interior design. Our projects are attended to on all performance levels including award of contract and supervision. In addition to this our Office offers a general planning performance program. Already since the 1960’s our Office is working with success. Still it is not only this long experience appreciated by our clients in Germany, Europe, and China, but personal attention, high client orientation, and our broad service spectrum. Not least our detailed and precisely planned and calculated concepts, developed in our team of 30 highly qualified and engaged architects in Hamburg, Berlin, and Hangzhou that are convincing. A many of realized buildings, won competitions and awards bespeak great experience and high quality.